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During these hard times we are all experiencing, the most popular product is the 7 inch (17.8cm) icing sheet and wafer paper, these are the perfect size for your supermarket bought cakes if you are not placing any other decorations around the image.

The 2nd most popular is the 5 inch (12.7cm) size, this allows you to decorate an inch border around your image.

Of course other sizes and shapes are available, custom made rounds up to 8 inches (20.3cm) Diameter.

Up to 8 Inch (20.3cm) square.

A4 size with an 8 x 10.5 inch (20.3 x 26.7cm) printable area.



Q:- I need an image urgently, is there a  pick up option?

Yes, Once your image is processed you will be advised to collect any time from then. Our pick up location is Kurrajong NSW 2758. Just 10 minutes west of Richmond NSW at the foot of the Blue Mountains

Q:- How do I store the Icing Sheet?

We have packaged your item in a zip lock bag and included instructions, please store it in a cool dry place by keeping it in the packaging you received it in.

Q:- Do I put the image in the fridge or freezer?

NO!!! absolutely not, PLEASE KEEP YOUR ICING SHEET DRY (refer to above). Moisture will spoil the image. Think about sugar and water? Sugar will dissolve once contact with moisture. The same thing will happen to your icing sheet

Q:- How long will my image last?

Stored correctly, your image has a Best before life span of 18 months. We do however personally and professionally suggest 12 months is best to use it by.

Q:- What if I would like to print a set of cupcake toppers? 

Email us your inquiry and tell us the diameter of the circles and how many you would like in total. We will email you back with a proof and print it once approved by you. Please note, these circles will have a faint border and you will need to cut them yourselves Instructions included. Standard cupcake size printed by CK’s Edible Images & Cakes are 24 x 1.7-inch (4.3cm) Diameter

Q:- How long will it take to create and send my image?

Usually standard images with little or no edits are 24 hour turn over. General editing and finer details added, these Images are up to 48 hours.

Q:- Can I send a photo to create a topper with?

Yes. If you are supplying photos or other image files, please save time by NOT sending screen shots, these are poor quality and often have other markings or black borders etc. Remember the size of the image is top to bottom, so please make sure all your edits are correct prior to asking a certain size. (which will be the entire image file)

Also, have your characters centred in the image, cropping heads off when pasting these into a round template then informing the buyer of these issues can create delays in the printing process so please be aware of what you are sending and what you are asking for.

One thing, you can not make a full rectangle image into a square without distorting it, please take a close look at the image, It might be able to be cropped, but you can not make a square without compacting (or squashing) the image up.

Remember please NO SCREEN SHOTS! It is best to email your image file from an actual computer, as you can see it clearer, you can check resolution size etc. Sending a small image file, will create a blurry print. Please take note of this, save you and our team much time back and forward with images. remember this delays production processing times.

Are edible Images Safe to use?

Yes absolutely. The icing sheet (Ingredients listed above) can be applied to most cakes or cupcakes and the ink is made of a specially formulated food colouring to match the colours of standard printer ink. This is why we can provide such great quality edible images.

Q:- When do I apply my image to the cake?

Please leave your image application to the last possible time to apply. If you apply and then put in the fridge for the next day, be certain that the moisture from your fridge will create an air bubble or possibly an image that can slip if placed on the side of the cake. There is nothing you can do once they are wet to rectify problems such as these, If the image is only placed at the top, a small pin prick can minimise the air bubble by a gentle press, this can however mark your image as you touch it. Please do your best to apply at the latest time possible closer to your event.

Q:- Can I put my image on an ice cream cake?

Of course, prior to serving apply your image, Ice cream cakes can melt very quickly. You can also apply and throw your cake back into the freezer straight away and take the ice cream cake out just prior to serving.


Latest Reviews


“Thankyou so much for our cake image, miss 3 loved it as did all of our guests” 😀


“Thanks CK’s Edible Images for preparing such a nice avenger cake topper 👍 it went nice with the cake and looked amazing 😊👍.”


“I can not thank Ruby enough. There was no way I would have received the edible image that I wanted for my daughter’s birthday cake without her help. She even went the extra mile to help my find a bakery that would print it and offering a custom designed personalised image file to have the topper made in my own country of residence “



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